Our History

Bellinger Farms History

Bellinger Farms has been growing the renowned Hermiston Watermelons since 1941, when Ed and Ethel Bellinger settled in this Eastern Oregon community and began raising their family. They found the desert climate in Hermiston was very unique for growing melons and other produce -- the warm, dry days coupled with cool summer nights create a special condition that elevates the sugar content in the fruit. Thus, the reputation for our sweet watermelons has grown.

Ed and Ethel's son, Bob, grew his first crop of melons while he was in Junior High. In an era of corporate farms, four acres may not seem like much, but when you consider that he did all the hoeing, planting, harvesting, and selling himself, that field doesn't seem quite so small. Bob married Lou Ann Eubanks in 1960 and the farming operation steadily grew into a 450 acre operation that included 130 acres of watermelons.

Bob and Lou Ann's son, Jack and his wife Donna, took over the family operation in 1999. Since then they have added cantaloupe, sweet corn, tomatoes, squash, gourds, cucumbers, pumpkins, and other specialty crops to augment the watermelons and offer a cornucopia of field fresh produce. Today, Bellinger Farms operates 750 acres of land with 300 acres in watermelon and other vegetable crops. In addition to increasing the farm's acreage, Jack & Donna purchased Tom Able's Fruit Stand in 2000 and have transformed a once seasonal produce stand into a year-round produce and country store. In 2013, The Bistro at Bellinger's was added on to the store. Boosting a unique atmosphere and gourmet menu The Bistro has become an overnight sensation!